Friday, 4 August 2017

August Goals

How is it August already?! That seems to be the words on everyone's lips at the moment - including mine! Quickest year everrrrr! As part of my 'Setting Up The Goalposts' post, I had set out a number of aims I had hoped to achieve & I did achieve some so I thought 'why not look back each month, see what's working, what's not and set new ones if needed' (it was a much bigger internal conversation with myself but you get the gist) so here we are!

I'll look back on the last goals I set first of all:
1. Publish more - didn't work last month but this is deffo the month, I can feel it!
2. Grow my followers - I had aimed by September 1st to have 500 twitter followers and 200 Instagram followers & it was achieved - thank you so much guys! I didn't hit my post view target of 50 but we got half way there!
3. Track views - Still haven't sat down and got my head around Google Analytics but that is my plan for the weekend
4. Start bullet journaling - achieved and loving it!
5. Keep to these goals - that's a half yes half no to that one1

So let's get into this months goals!
1. I am aiming to post every Friday at 8pm. This should be total achievable! I am also looking to tweet more, I only ever seem to tweet when I'm taking part in chats so that needs to change!

2. I am still trying to get those 50 views so let's go for 50 views on each post.

3. Gain more followers - try and get 1000 followers on twitter, 300 on Instagram and I also started a Bloglovin' which you can follow here or by clicking on the right hand side, so it would be great to get 50 followers there and also discover some other blogs at the same time!

I also have some life goals that I would like to achieve, because why not better yourself! I don't have as many of these though:

First up, I want to smile everyday but write down at least one thing that has made me smile so that I can reflect when I don't feel like smiling. I feel I'll also appreciate the little things more.

Secondly, I took £300 from my savings account (oops!) which I reaaally need to replace pronto! So I need to work even harder this month to try and get the £300 back or I need to stop spending money on stuff I don't really need (looking at you Primark and your totally amazing deals).

Lastly, I have been trying to eat healthily for so long but I really suck at it. I have a massive weakness for a vending machine with galaxy caramels in it. I am such a fussy eater too so trying to find stuff I like and can be bothered making is tough! How lazy does that make me sound?!

That's all for now. I have these all written down in my diary so I should find it easier to stick to these. I am going to work my ass of, that's for sure.

Do you have any tips for me to help me with my goals? Have you achieved anything you didn't expect to so soon? Comment below!

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