Saturday, 1 July 2017

Setting Up The Goalposts

I feel it's about time I got myself into a blogging routine rather than the odd post here & there which should keep me busy & grow my own blog. I struggle to find time sometimes because I spend so much time reading other peoples blogs! So I thought 'set some goals & keep to them' so what better way to set goals for everyone to see! 

I struggled a bit trying to think of more than one goal. I was aiming to find at least 5, just to start with so here goes:

1. Publish more: has to be the most obvious goal ever but it's what needs done. I am aiming to publish one blog a week at the moment & I am aiming for it to be live on a Friday, just not decided whether morning or evening is going to be easier for me! 

2. Grow my followers: the past week I've went from about 40 twitter followers to 296! I am amazed, thank you so much! My instagram is slowly gaining followers. At the moment, insta is currently at 82 so I'm setting my 'follow goal' to be over 2 months. By 1st September I am aiming to have 500 twitter followers & 200 instagram followers. I'm hoping this is totally do-able. I also would love to hit 50 views on one of my posts. At the moment my most is 15 (eeeek!) so I need to really up my game for this! 

3. Keep track of views: I downloaded google analytics & I'm still trying to get my head around it if I'm honest (I'm not the smartest bee in the hive) so I'm going to try get my head around this & start keeping track of what's working & what's not! 

4. Start a bullet journal: Now I love the idea of these & I love looking at everyone's posts on them so I would love to start one. I don't know whether I should try & get my other goals at least started first or if this would help me with my goals. And to be honest, I have a stationery addiction & I feel this is the perfect excuse for a new notebook. 
(If you know of any fab stationery companies in the UK, please let me know!) 

5. Keep to these goals: I told you I struggled for 5 goals but yes, one of my goals is to actually keep the other goals! 

What goals do you have? Do you have any tips for me? Comment below! 

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