Monday, 31 July 2017

5 Things To Smile About - July

As part of my 'Setting up the goalposts' post, my first goal was to post at least one post a week and so far, I have sucked at this BUT all is not bad, I have been getting myself organised 'behind the scenes'. I have thought about posting a monthly post about things that have made me smile, as a way to look back and be grateful of what's been happening in my life! So here we go, this is the first one!

July's been a bit of a toughie, with more downs than up's & I've been struggling a bit with my moods but there are some good things that made me smile.

1. I finally started my bullet journal and I am loving it! I am not the most creative with a notepad and pen but it feels quite good to be able to design my weekly pages the way I want and with the colours I want. Naturally I had to buy more stationary because who would want to use a week old pen in a new diary?!

2. There was an incentive at work for one person from each team to spend a day at the races for Ladies Day and I was soo desperate to win it. First time round, I didn't and the girl that did win couldn't go so eventually it was redrawn, between myself and another girl so we actually played Rock, Paper, Scissors for it and I WON! I was soo happy! New dress shopping here I come!

3. Not going to lie, the weather has been pretty amazing for a change so we have managed to get out or short walks along the beach after work. I just love walking along the beach, watching the sunset and you always see doggies and they're like the best thing ever!

4. One word: Despacito. It's just such a holiday song, if it doesn't make you smile, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

5. The thing to make me smile the most - my boyfriend finally getting a job! Yes it's only temporary but it feels good to have him out working and earning some money and soon we'll maybe be able to afford a night out for dinner to celebrate!

Thanks for reading! What made you happy this month? Comment below!

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