Friday, 16 June 2017

Les Vacances

Well I'm back my holibags, I'm refreshed & working towards my next one (51 weeks away, not that I'm counting)!

We went to Mauritius for our summer holidays & I very wisely (LOL!) booked our summer holiday during Mauritian winter so the weather wasn't the greatest. To be honest it rained 5 out of the 7 days we were there! But the two days without rain were absolutely gorgeous! We stayed in the Outrigger Beach Resort in Bel Ombre, which is in the south of the island. The hotel is lovely, lots of land but only 180 rooms (I think) so it's not massively busy. It has a lovely beachfront location so you can dip your toes in the Indian Ocean which is really warm & so clear! The sea was warmer than the swimming pool! It also has a house reef so plenty snorkelling, or if like me, you're not into snorkelling, there's a boat which has a glass bottom which sails about the house reef & you can see all the sealife & then it takes you out past the house reef to explore the open water, but we didn't get to go past the house reef due to the weather sadly. There's also other water activites like water skiing, pedalos & kayaking. 

Our plan for this holiday was to just chill out completely & that we sure did. When the sun was out, we sunbathed & people watched (my favourite activity) & when it was raining, we sat on the balcony & people watched! You can go out & about outside of the resort but there really isn't a lot to do. You can hire a bike & cycle round the area & see the scenery but that's not really our thing. 

The staff in the hotel were so kind. They look after you. There was one staff member in the beach bar, named Glenda. She was so lovely. She would speak to us & tell us all about the island & her life & she even bought us a little fridge magnet which has pride of place on my fridge. Awk I miss Glenda. 
We also had a bit of an awkward moment one night. They deliver water to you & restock your mini fridge morning & night so around 10pm one night the door chapped with room service, they asked if they could come in so I thought nothing of it, but they came in & started running the big massive bath that was there. I looked at my boyfriend & all I could think was 'what have I done' but they ran the bath, put loads of bubbles in & some pretty little flowers & they left. I was worried that they would end up staying to wash our backs or something but thankfully they didn't! I didn't even let my boyfriend in the bath, I was enjoying it all to myself!

I bought some pearl bracelets from a little jewellery vendor who walks along the beaches. Some people would call it tat but I love tat! He gave us his story as to how he's selling jewellery because it's winter so he can't fish so this is how he makes money & he had bracelets made from pearls & coral & a shell called abalone which is sooo pretty & is genuinely the colour of the picture in the link! So naturally I spent a fortune on all this but I did give some to family & kept one for myself. I even googled some 'how to tell if a pearl is real' tests & I think they're real, I'm telling people they're real anyway!

We did have a good time despite the weather & the hotel was lovely & we can now say Mauritius has been ticked off our list! To be honest, it was good to just get away from it all & chill with no worries for a week. So if you're looking at a holiday to Mauritius, February is the best month to travel, the South is good for chilling & this hotel is ideal for honeymooners! Now for the struggle to get back into my routine & save for our next jaunt!

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